What is Reiki and Light Language Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine practice. Through touch or no touch I channel/ transfer the healing of  Universal Energy for your highest and best of good. This "Bathing in love" experience does not require client to undress, common feelings are the heat from my hands, or sometimes cool sensation, tingling/buzzing... Results are different for everybody but most commonly  feeling lighter, loved (all heavy feelings i.e. , guilt, shame, worry, anger can be released...) relaxed, balanced, aligned. We can address physical or emotional trauma as well as working with energetic, mental Body. I channel Angelic guidance, use healing crystals, oracle cards. Also channel Light language which is a different form of energy that comes through in sound and symbols. It is not for the mind to understand, s(some people say it sounds like a type of chanting that makes you feel amazing) it by passes the mind, and it is for the heart to understand.  Both energy and sound healing comes from Highest Vibrational Beings of Love and Light and can assist/help you on physical, mental emotional and energetic level!